Included in the program is the workout plan broken down into 3 phases. You unlock each phase as you progress, if you make it through. Semi-customized schedule, customized meal plan based on your body weight and leanness level. Nutrition Adjusts live as you progress and check-in. Calendar of daily requirements to keep you on track every single day, Weekly progress assessment with each check-in, unlimited text based coaching to guide you through the process every step of the way, and the Final15 Black Shirt if you make it through!
No. Final15 was designed to take your body to an ELITE leanness level and as such, weights are necessary. We recommend the use of a gym or access to full gym equipment for the next 15 weeks.
The program requires a full commitment for just 15 weeks. On a daily basis you will be in the gym at least 3 out of 4 days working out and you are required to walk 45 min 2x a day. The walks can be done outside. We have had numerous finishers with heavy scheduled full time jobs, Single moms with kids, Married couples all successfully do this program so it is executable if committed. Every finisher thus far has indicated that the time flew by once completed and was 100% worth the sacrifices made. If you commit we have not doubt that you too will feel the same way.
While technically you can mathematically have a few lower calorie drink options while on Final15 we feel that if your bucket list goal is to be in the leanest most ripped shape you have ever known in your life in just 15 weeks… why drink? Best results are had from holding off from drinking for this short period, but it is possible.
Currently the program is not set up for a vegan/vegetarian meal plan but please email us your interest and we will keep you updated when we do finalize that option. We will be looking for testers soon.
While the program was designed to take a relatively fit body to reach elite leanness levels we have tested the program out with individuals that have higher than average body fat. While the results do not appear as extreme (due to the high starting body fat) the percentage loss and changes to the body are incredibly impressive if you can execute. The advantage to using Final15 when you have high body fat is that the cardio is lower intensity and lower impact. You also gain a WEALTH of knowledge on how to fully utilize the gym, which can serve to set you on a course for a healthy and fit life. The disadvantage is that it will be very challenging to overcome your current habits and schedule but it is doable. That said Final15 is not a biggest loser program. It is a body recomposition program where fat will be replaced with muscle and burn off. This recomposition won’t always reflect as weight loss on a scale due to muscle weighing more than fat and muscle growing at different rates than fat will burn.
If you are a competitive athlete interested in Final15 we recommend that you do this program in your off season. Doing so can make you mentally stronger to tackle improvements in your future athletic endeavors as you will have greater capacity to overcome hurdles, greater knowledge on muscle growth, and greater knowledge on how food can alter your physique and energy levels. That said, training for your sport requires intense focus as does Final15. Splitting focus is not recommended in any pursuit of a worthwhile goal. Often most sports require a high level of intensity which we do not incorporate within Final15. When you can fully dedicate 15 weeks we recommend that you start. There is 1 day out of 4 which is an active rest day which offers you the time to keep your athletic skills sharp.
Most likely yes. We designed this program to create an elite body from a not so elite body. Depending on your starting physique, this program will get you stage ready and possibly a win. We have had previous competitors win using this program in both physique and bodybuilding. We feel it is the best way to prep for a contest when you can not afford a personal coach, or want a simplified approach to achieving an elite physique.
If you have already done a show this program may be for you. If you were unhappy with your leanness level, Final15 will move you past your plateau. If you are currently happy with your meal plan and training, and you just want to try the program out, you might find it difficult to let go of what you are currently doing to successfully see the FINAL15 difference. Please email us to figure out if we are a match.
Most likely not. Most professionals have their macro nutrients dialed in on a custom level, specific for their body. They have tested over and over various nutrient levels that have worked and are still testing this process out over time. Final15 was designed to simplify this process and to empower someone who isn’t already a routine competitor to be able to have a stage ready physique for either a contest, a photo-shoot, a movie role, or just for themselves as a bucket list accomplishment. IF for some reason you would like to find out if Final15 is right for you, please email us at info@final15.com