Who It Is For

FINAL15 is designed for both MEN & WOMEN to maximize their genetic potential within a 15 week time frame. Depending on the level of fitness you are in coming in can impact the level of leanness you can expect when completed. Men can expect an ultra lean vascular physique with rock hard muscle hardening. Women can expect to see fat loss, tight solid muscle tone and skin while still maintaining an attractive feminine silhouette.


You are cleared for physical activity – If healthy anyone can physically do this program – mentally is a different story.
You are willing to weight train about 1 hour a day almost everyday
Must be able to Walk 2x a day (45 min per day each session) – Running and other high intensity cardio activities are actually discouraged and is recommended that you minimize them or put them on hold until this life changing challenge is completed. This is great if you have joint issues or want to prevent them. Walking can be done anywhere.
Must be able to eat Chicken
Must be able to make a commitment for 15 weeks – Routinely overcoming obstacles by making sacrifices is a part of successfully completing this challenge and as a result… personal growth.
Must have an intense desire to challenge yourself in a manner that may be completely new to you without waver. If you are interested in the body only this program might be too challenging.
Must have support from your partner or significant other if applicable
Should be interested in wanting to burn as much fat as fast as possible while also developing rock hard tight muscles in the shortest amount of time – naturally.

Are You Ready?

The way we feel is that everyone should make the FINAL15 sacrifice at least 1x in your life. Take your pictures, perhaps get on stage, and cherish your most ripped natural physique that you ever had for the rest of your life. You can decide from there where you want to go next.

Take The Challenge